Let's Do This!

For those who don't already know me, my name is Nicole and I am the owner of Sky Fitness of Myrtle Beach. My fitness journey began about 25 years ago where I grew up in the Hudson Valley of NY. I was lucky enough to have a friend looking to start lifting weights who convinced me to tag along and I was instantly hooked. It was easy to get hooked back then, given that I was 18, had always been athletic, and found it easy to put on muscle, lean down, and see results. Fast forward to my 40's and, despite still being hooked (and now even owning a gym), it is much harder to accomplish the same results as I did back then.

Hormones are Evil Manipulators!

For years, I knew exactly what to do to get the changes I was looking for in my body...knew what I had to eat, how much lifting I needed to do and cardio was limited at best. Much to my surprise (despite having read and been told a million times before) hitting 40 was like hitting a brick wall. Everything changed and in ways that I totally did not expect. Places that I never showed weight before, like my waistline, now became a depository, and other previous problem areas became less of a focus. I have had to learn about cortisol (stress hormone) and how it affects my body. Which is crazy, by the way, because I led a much more stressful life in NY than I do here in SC, but yet relatively small amounts of stress, or not sleeping well, or even pushing myself too hard in my fitness routine, now show like never before.

Also, cardio became more important in order for me to maintain or lose fat but weight training is still just as important....meaning more time and effort is necessary than ever before!

A Change in Strategy

In February, once the HiiT Studio was up and running and the New Year's rush was under control, I started participating in the BeFit Bootcamp with Shel Simmons. For the sake of full disclosure, I will admit that it was not my idea, and that Shel all but dragged me into it since I was always there during his class time anyway. This was one of the best things to happen to my routine in years! I was out of my comfort zone and making gains ( and getting really sore) doing a type of workout and movements that I had never done before. I have been an old school gym rat for years, relying on the same techniques and strategies, and shocking my body was just what was needed. The difference has been definitely noticeable and measurable....but not looking at the scale. Luckily I have never been one to weigh myself with any regularity and have rarely used it to measure my progress. I have lost sizes instead, and can very much see how much leaner I am, but yet the scale hasn't moved. It just goes to show that the scale is not your friend!

The Next Step

So with all of that in mind, I have decided to finally take advantage of all of the resources that I now have access to and make some serious changes to my routine and approach. While continuing with BeFit Bootcamp twice a week, I am also making personal training a part of my routine for the 1st time in my life. In my old age, there is no doubt that I have made a habit of slacking and even cheating on my workouts from time to time. The best way to counteract that is to have a trainer hold me accountable (since I can no longer be trusted).

One of the great things about belonging to a gym, and more importantly one whose staff and members are your Fit Family, is that you have a support system behind you that will encourage and motivate you (or even ride your ass when you don't show). So along those lines, I am hoping to use this blog as a way to make doubly sure that I stay on track. I plan on putting my goals and shortcomings out there in the hopes that my Fit Friends and Family will help keep me honest.

So here goes nothing.....I have chosen Shel Simmons to train me on this journey. I know well that the man is brutal, but what I also know from Bootcamp, is that he motivates me and doesnt let me get away with anything! We started with legs on Friday and I can report that I definitely got exactly what I was looking for.

While the workout was only 30 minutes, it was plenty of time for Shel to again push me past my comfort zone and to work my legs to a jello-like state (and cause considerable difficulty in getting around for the past 36 hours).

But it's a good hurt! And we will be hitting back and shoulders tomorrow....

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