The Burn - The Reason to Engage a Personal Trainer

It starts towards the end of the 1st set and grows from there...the BURN. If its a good session, in the beginning its just a slight twinge but by the end of the workout (and sometimes even after I leave the gym) its full blown dysfunction of a particular body part.

Over the years, I have learned how to workout on my own so that I can fatigue the muscles I am focusing on but rarely (these days never) do I work them to exhaustion. This is where working with a trainer makes the biggest difference for me.

Let's GO Nicole!!

A good trainer will be able to recognize your strengths, weaknesses and limits. And he/she will be adept at knowing just how much weight you can handle and for how many reps. This is something that Shel is particularly good at. Getting clients to push through and set new personal bests, all while listening to the whining and crying is a skill. I had experienced it in Bootcamp classes and by watching others being I mean trained, but now, in our first 4 training sessions, he has definitely pushed me past what I THOUGHT were my limits. Again, I fully admit to being a bit of a slacker lately and am not at all a good judge of my limits these days. But DAMN! Without Shel next to me yelling "Let's go Nicole", or "I know you got this!", I would have quit WAY sooner and never have chosen that weight. I now know what going 'til failure actually means (and feels like!).

You Want Me to Do What??

Another big difference has been the type of exercises we have been doing. On my own, I have stuck to the same old standard exercises and routines for years. These days, Shel has got me doing mostly targeted exercises as opposed to what I am used to (think weighted split bulgarian lunges versus all squats and leg curls). He is skilled at structuring a workout such that it focuses on not just a certain body part but a specific portion of that body part. For example, the 1st week we did legs, it was hamstrings and glutes whereas the next time was quads (I didn't necessarily recognize it at the time but it was pretty obvious the next day when those were the parts that were killing me). This is something I would never do on my own. I have noticed, though PT and Bootcamp class, that workout design is undeniably a talent. Time is spent and thought applied, to not just which exercises to do, how much weight, etc, but also the progression of the workout. Often times in Bootcamp, we will not think twice about the 3 exercises grouped together for a single 4 minute circuit...that is until we make it through the 1st round, and then OUCH that sucks! Come to find out, all 3 of these hit the delts and now I can barely lift my arms....and I'm only a minute and a half in! Next thing I know......Let's GO Nicole!!

Now What?

Choosing to work with a personal trainer will, no doubt, amp up your game. Just by showing up and putting in the work, I can already see and feel the differences. And its not just about being sore, or feeling exhausted at the end of the workout, but I can feel that I am stronger and much more ready for the next workout to come.

P.S. - Pray for me... I am about to go do legs again in an hour...

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